Eat-In suggestions

Get daily meals out of your mind & onto your plate!

Your smart kitchen assistant not only ensures that you don’t have to go through the hassle of ‘aaj kya banega?’, but also introduces you to a new variety of food & cuisines at the comfort of your home. All food suggestions are personalized to your (and your family's) palate.

There are often times that you realise the vegetables in your refrigerator are becoming stale; or you have all the raw materials in your refrigerator but can’t decide on what you would like to be cooked; or you want to be judicious & efficient in sourcing of raw materials especially the frequently perishable items. You can simply count on Zelish to help you out from any of these situations.

Personalized "Eat-In" suggestions allow you to get the menu planned for your entire week. This not only helps you to utilise all the ingredients in your kitchen, but also ensures you are keeping up with your nutrition qouta. Zelish uses food experts to design a wholesome meal for the entire week to help you keep up with your regime. Your menu is designed keeping your family's preferences in mind. Rest assured, Zelish will always suggest you balanced diets to help you maintain a good lifestyle using simple ‘Ghar ka khana’.

Easy sharing:
You can share a recipe or our meal suggestion with the cook at a tap of a button. The selected item will be sent to your cook on your behalf & with the detailed assisted cooking recipes that would help your cook to make it quite easily.

Expert assistance:
We are always a call away. If you or your cook face any sort of challenge while making a dish, you can simply give us a call and our food experts will help you make the best of the dish.

Don’t like to plan ahead?

Opt for our daily meal suggestions. These suggestions will take your profile into account & will surprise you with 2 completely balanced meal option for every meal. All our meal suggestions are personalized to your (and your family's) taste.
You always have the power to overrule our suggestions; simply head to the explore section & feed in the items that you already have in your kitchen. Our magic crawlers will find out great food you can cook from those ingredients.