Mango Smoothie Recipe

Mango Smoothie Recipe - Zelish

Cuisine: North Indian / South Indian
Meal Type: All
Type: Vegetarian
Base: Mango
Dish Type: Beverage
Serves: 2
Preparation Time: 15 Mins

It is simple and wholesome smoothie and when the mangoes are in season, it becomes a perfect time to indulge in cold, refreshing drink that don’t take time to prepare.

Ingredients of Mango Smoothie

3 Nos Mango
1 Cup Curd
0.75 Cup Sugar

How to make Mango Smoothie

Step 1: Roughly chop the mangoes and freeze them for 2-3 hours;
Step 2: In a mixer add mango slices, curd, sugar, ice cubes and blend well;
Step 3: Serve cold.

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