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Meghna's Food Magic

A girl born in a business class family in Ahmedabad, started supporting her family at the age of 18 and started her career in banking. After a decade she decided to quite her job and ventured into the culinary world. … Read More
20+ Recipes | Meghna

PCN Homechef

Myself Dr.Poornima Nair, a dentist by profession. I hail from Kerala, brought up in Mumbai and married the love of my life and settled in New Zealand. Cooking is my hobby and passion since… Read More
10+ Recipes | Dr. Poornima Nair

The Great Indian Foodie

I wasn’t a chef but lockdown made me one and I started loving to cook. Right from kebabs to bhature was something that I made at my place. I absolutely love cooking now. … Read More
10+ Recipes | Sukrit

Sangita's Kitchen

I am Sangita Sinha and I am a home-maker and a budding food blogger. I was very passionate about cooking since my early days but due to responsibilities was never able to focus on my passion. … Read More
10+ Recipes | Sangita Sinha

Cooking On My Mind

I am an Economist by education, an entrepreneur by profession, a fitness enthusiast, a homemaker and a Chef by Passion…. Read More
10+ Recipes | Versha

That Tiny Chef

Amateur Chef | Food Stylist | UX Designer … Read More
10+ Recipes | Juhi

Indian Vegetarian Cooking

A foodie pharmacist who is passionate about cooking. I love adding my own twists to almost every dish cooked in my home kitchen. And my love for cooking is ancient, but I actively started cooking when … Read More
10+ Recipes | Devjot

Teekhi Mircheee

“Dr. Radhika Agarwal, Founder of Teekhi Mircheee A doctor by profession and a foodie by passion, she is an inspiration for many who want to showcase their love for food and want to share their culinary experiences with … Read More
10+ Recipes | Dr. Radhika

Saisha's Food Studio

SaiSha’s Food Studio is teamwork of a couple, Saima & Shadab. It was born out of casual sharing of food pics and some recipes on Instagram which gradually turned into recipe development, Read More
20+ Recipes | Saima & Shadab

Desi Daawat

“A biologist by profession turned chef, Divya pursues her passion for cooking with something for everyone, including vegan and gluten-free options. Divya has devoted over 20 years to cooking,… Read More
20+ Recipes | Divya and Misty

Veg Foodholic

My name is Akshay Davda & stay in Mumbai city. Born into a joint Gujarati family I’ve always been surrounded by people & delicious food my whole life. I finished schooling from Jamnabai Narsee School ( JNS ) in Juhu & went to Sydney (Australia) for … Read More
10+ Recipes | Akshay


Do you often find yourself glued to TLC, watching chefs cook up magic as they toss the pasta, twirl the noodles and have crispy, golden baby corn defy gravity, rising from a flaming pan beneath? And does your… Read More
20+ Recipes | Siddhant


I never live by the norm. Exploring good food places and experimenting with unique recipes has been my passion. I never planned my way into the food blogging world but here I am learning about new food cultures every day. For me cooking is just not about being good… Read More
10+ Recipes | Mou


Homemaker turned Food Blogger. Love to cook and innovate! Favorite place is to be at… Read More
10+ Recipes | Rita


Yashvi Agrawal aka SinfulHogger, a Social Media influencer is a Dil se Dilli by birth. Post the lockdown this foodie at heart has spent most of her time in her mom’s kitchen learning and enjoying… Read More
10+ Recipes | Yashvi Agrawal


One grew up in exotic locations like the Andamans and Goa while the other hails from a suburb town called Chandannagore. One loves Linkin park and metal bands while the other grew up with Rabindrasangeet and later took on the Sarod. One took up Marketing in MBA while… Read More

20+ Recipes | Anindya and Madhushree

Kiss my spatula

Kadeeja Fiza, food enthusiast and yearning to learn all the cooking essential from my love mom. Love snooping around my kitchen… Read More
10+ Recipes | Kadeeja Fiza


We are two sisters – Shreya and Shrenee Srivastava and we are a humongous gluttonous and am obsessed with food. Seriously, we even dream about it! So follow our food journey here and… Read More
10+ Recipes | Shreya and Shrenee Srivastava


Vidhi Gandhi is a content creator, student of history and a cultural coordinator. Through her blog she has tried to disseminate knowledge of…. Read More
20+ Recipes | Vidhi Gandhi


Hi I’m Pratiksha Aka Bingelife! A food enthusiast and content creator on various social media platform and now on Zelish to guide you about… Read More
10+ Recipes | Pratiksha


365 DAYS 365 RECIPES ON YOUTUBE – Chahat Anand…. Read More
10+ Recipes | Chahat Anand


Hi, I’m Vishakha Bhuta. I’m a Recipe Developer, Food Critic, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger. I specialise in Indian, fusion, Asian, Korean…. Read More
10+ Recipes | Vishakha Bhuta


Hi, I’m vidhi doshi. Some of you may know me as Ramenhairedgirl on Instagram and some of you might not, but that’s okay! My love affair with food started young, with endless refilling of plates at weddings to…. Read More
20+ Recipes | Vidhi Doshi


My name is Anshita and I am passionate about food. My page is a about delicious and tempting food. I am a budding food stylist and…. Read More
10+ Recipes | Anshita


Buzzforfood is a team of three having co-founders Tarang Gupta, Ritika Chauhan and Nandini Namdev. We guys are college friends. We are pursuing our career in Food Technology… Read More
10+ Recipes | Tarang


THERE IS NO SINCERE LOVE THAN THE LOVE FOR FOOD 🤗 My name is Srishti and I am from Delhi and I am a teacher by profession and a foodie by passion. I love exploring…. Read More
10+ Recipes | Srishti


I am Kanak Gurnani, a passionate Homechef. Thinking what to make tomorrow? Check out my Recipes. Quick, Healthy, Easy and super Delicious! And you… Read More
10+ Recipes | Kanak Gurnani


Hi everyone, I am Neeti Malik a Lucknow based food blogger/influencer. Being a foodie since childhood and growing up in a Punjabi family, food has always been a very essential part of my life. My parents are extremely fond of cooking and…. Read More
10+ Recipes | Neeti Malik


With a common love interest for food and travel.. we are two sisters, Shweta and Shreya who likes to share healthy, quick and uncomplicated recipes. We founded Houseofdelish ,where we… Read More
10+ Recipes | Shweta & Shreya


Hi, I am Swarna. I am a recipe developer, digital content creator and an MBA following my passion for cooking. I am from a beautiful town Udupi in the coastal place of…. Read More
10+ Recipes | Swarna


Bhaswati is a marketing girl turned homecook. Her love and passion for cooking dates far back as she can remember. Her inspiration…. Read More
10+ Recipes | Bhaswati


Cooking not only makes me feel content but is such a stress buster for me. Give me few ingredients and I would end up cooking something new each time. Pooja Jaggi is what people call me and I’m from Delhi. I’m Master in…. Read More
10+ Recipes | Pooja


My parents wanted me to pursue engineering so I pursued it for 1 year but my passion for cooking made me work in this industry. I’ve been working in hotels since 2006 and have worked with different brands in… Read More
10+ Recipes | Bhupendra

Nilu's Kitchen

My name is Nilofar. I am a food blogger. Cooking has always been my passion since an early age. My love for cooking inspired me to open my Youtube channel in May, 2017. I also…. Read More
10+ Recipes | Nilofar

Kanak's Kitchen

I am Kanak Khathuria – Youtuber, celebrity chef & homemaker. Founder of 2 Youtube channels Kanak’s Kitchen and Kanak’s Kitchen Hindi. Host of a cookery show on Top contestant of Master Chef India ….. Read More
20+ Recipes | Kanak
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