Desi Daawat

A biologist by profession turned chef, Divya pursues her passion for cooking with something for everyone, including vegan and gluten-free options. Divya has devoted over 20 years to cooking, teaching & serving delicious meals to a huge diaspora of Indians & ex-pats in Shanghai & Singapore. With a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology, she holds a Food Hygiene certification and a Chef Certification from Singapore’s acclaimed at Sunrise Global Chef academy. A Vegan Raw food certified expert, Divya is a master of Indian cuisine along with international cuisines like Thai, Lebanese, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican & Greek. An accomplished baker, her bread & bakes are a sell-out, especially her healthy gluten-free bread, eggless cakes & Macaroons (yes Macaroons too!) & sugar-free desserts, protein bars, gluten-free crackers & cookies. A dessert connoisseur, Divya’s mouth-watering deserts are both pleasing to the eye and delectable in taste. She is always innovating, experimenting, and creating new and alternative styles of recipes to suit different palates and needs. Contrary to Divya, Misty started cooking when she was in her late twenties. She has always had a very demanding banking career, which left her with little time for anything else. And after she had her baby and quit her job to take care of him, she started cooking a lot at home, using her mom’s recipes. An accomplished photographer, Misty’s food photography, brings out the essence of food created from mouth-watering recipes put together by Divya and her. Additionally, Misty has a zest for creating beautiful looking food from delicious cakes and bread to delectable kebabs. She loves to travel to different countries and experimenting with local cuisines and then trying those at home.
20+ Recipes | Divya and Misty
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