Teekhi Mircheee

Dr. Radhika Agarwal, Founder of Teekhi Mircheee A doctor by profession and a foodie by passion, she is an inspiration for many who want to showcase their love for food and want to share their culinary experiences with the world. She created her account on Instagram “”TEEKHI_MIRCHEEE”” five years back to showcase her love for food and to share her culinary experiences. She loves spicy food and hence, most of her recipes are full of masala. Currently she’s a verified food reviewer on Zomato, Google Local guide and has 159K plus followers strong on Instagram. She was featured in the Hindu for her views on food blogging as a career. She also has brand collaborations with Hershey’s chocolate, Cadbury India, Honor Huawei, Dominos Pizza, DineOut India, Bru Coffee, Nestle India, Havmor Icecreams, Hike and many more.
10+ Recipes | Dr. Radhika
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